Call For MasterClass Hosts at the Extraordinary Travel Festival in October of 2022.

The ETF MasterClass Hosts Application is officially open until June, 2022. We will send out all accepts and/or declines by August, 2022. Please plan for this and thank you for your patience. We are on a continual quest to find the most interesting and engaging speakers from around the globe.

We are looking for speakers who are committed to sharing valuable and actionable information as well as being a full participant at the ETF 2022. If you would like to be a host for a MasterClass, please read this information thoroughly before submitting a proposal


Hosting at the Extraordinary Travel Festival is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise while meeting your peers from around the globe. But it does require a commitment from you. Here is some primary information:

  • Hosts should plan to arrive in Yerevan no later than October 13th, early enough to join the speaker dinner. The event will end on October 16th in the late afternoon. There are pre and post events and trips (optional and extra) that you might be interested in. Please review the schedules.




This is an overview of what type of content we are looking for.

  • MasterClasses will be held before the official conference. The length of the classes can be tailored to your topic. It might be one or two full days or even a fraction of a day.
  • We are looking for experts in a range of different subject matters
  • If you are a product expert in photography, video making, social media, writing or any other subject that you would think would be of interest to our attendees we would like to hear from you.
  • Please remember that this is not an industry conference, but a festival of passionate travelers. Some of these travelers will be part of the travel industry but not necessarily.
  • A laptop, projector, and screen will be provided for each breakout session.




  • All submissions must be sent via this submission form.
  • Please fill out this form completely.
  • Prepare a brief and catchy description of your session idea.
  • The description should be tight enough for an attendee to understand what the session is about.
  • We expect hosts to promote their participation in the ETF.Hosts will be highlighted on the ETF website with relevant links.



  • Your class should not pitching or selling your blog, company, product or services. A great class will organically promote your business. No one wants to hear a commercial.



  • ETF will be selling tickets for your MasterClass. We will work out an agreeable revenue share with all hosts.



  • Registration fees, flights and hotel are not provided for sponsors speaking at the ETF.

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    DMO / Brand/Sponsor Speaker Limitations *

    *Note: All costs associated with the conference are your responsibility and will not be borne by the organizers.