A listing of all of the Keynotes at ETF

That Guy Who Reached Every Country Completely Without Flying – Thor Pedersen
Against All Odds: Travelling the World With A Wheelchair – Renee Bruns
The First Step: How a Bucket List Trip To Timbuktu Became My Life’s Work – Barry Hoffner
Dark Tourism and the Moral Responsibilities of Travellers – Harry Mitsidis
A 6 Week Homestay In Mogadishu – A Raw Perspective – Lakshmi Parthasarathy
Asante Sana: 800 Days Walking Across Africa – Pablo Nemo
Thru-Hiking Across Madagascar – Francis Tapon
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: A Bangladeshi Doctor’s Experience of Travelling Around The World – Raiiq Ridwan
Stories From Six Decades In Thailand – Joe Cummings
An Extensive Analysis on People Who Has Traveled To Every Country In The World (UN Masters) – Orest Zub


A listing of all of the Breakouts at ETF

Travel-Hacking West Africa – Jian Kang
Hacking Points: Everything You Need To Know About Collecting Points & Frequent Flyer Miles – Stefan Krasowski
Hacking Papua New Guinea: What You Need To Know To Travel Independently In – David Van Driessche
Creating Better Travel Images & Video – Anna Harris


Multiple, concurrent sessions hosted by a series of product experts.  Feel free to join a session, ask questions, share experiences, network with other attendees.  

More Speakers To Be Announced!

We will host over 20 speakers

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