Meet Fellow Travelers At The Extraordinary Travel Festival

We bring travelers together from around the world, the Marco Polos of the 21st century;

who are any of the following:

Accomplished, avid, and adventurous travelers

Traveling to every country in the world

Passionate to explore extreme destinations

And love to have fun and network with likeminded people


Three reasons why you should join us:

Community; meet old and new friends who share your passion of travel

Listen in to over 20 incredible travel speakers

Explore Bangkok, Thailand, and the region

When & Where

We are excited to welcome you to Bangkok, Thailand for the second Extraordinary Travel Festival

We will be hosting you from November 15 – 17, 2024

But please stay in touch because we will be programming additional events before and after these dates


most traveled people
Golden Team
T'Ore Mauritania

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