Meet Fellow Travelers At The Extraordinary Travel Festival 


We bring travelers together from around the world, the Marco Polos of the 21st century;

who are any of the following:

Accomplished, avid, and adventurous travelers

Traveling to every country in the world

Passionate to explore extreme destinations

And love to have fun and network with likeminded people

ETF community

When & Where

We are excited to welcome you to Bangkok, Thailand for the second Extraordinary Travel Festival

We will be hosting you from November 15 – 17, 2024

But please stay in touch because we will be programming additional events before and after these dates

extraordinary travel festival

Join Us In Bangkok

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You will be inspired and informed by our world class speakers.  There will be a series of keynotes, breakouts, and panels over three days.  The keynotes will be centered on inspirational and motivating storytelling while the breakouts will provide actionable and granular information on pursuing your travel goals.

extraordinary travel festival speakers

Sponsors & Partners

You will be joined by leading sponsors and partners in the travel space.

ITC sudan extraordinary travel festival

The Community

This is your opportunity to meet fellow travelers who share your same passion in person.  Meet virtual friends for the first time in person or shake hands with a future travel partner.  In addition, to networking at multiple coffees and lunches during the event, the Extraordinary Travel Festival will be hosting (and included in your ticket) a gala dinner and a party on separate nights for all attendees.

etf party

Exploring Thailand 

Bangkok and Thailand were not chosen on a whim.  Thailand is one of the richest countries for travelers; mountains in the north, islands in the south, and diverse and energy filled Bangkok.  The country is a cornucopia of postcard beaches, incredible temples, amazing cuisine, outdoor adventure, and top tier nightlife and dining.

extraordinary travel festival thailand

Exploring The Region

Bangkok is the ultimate launching point to explore nearby neighbors whether it is Myanmar or  Cambodia with quick and economical direct flights. Or maybe you still want to visit Bhutan, Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka on a direct flight.  You will be able to fly to nearly 50 different countries on direct flights.

bagan myanmar

Join Us On A Trip

The festival will be arranging optional day trips and multi-day trips before and after the event.  Stay tuned for more details.

extraordinary travel festival group trips

Why Come?

Simple.  Just ask the attendees from the first Extraordinary Travel Festival, 100% of those surveyed shared with us they want to come to the next event.  Listen to these video testimonials!