How Anderson Dias Used The Internet To Travel To Every Country And become A Millionaire

Anderson Dias’ journey began with a dream: the dream of being FREE.

It drove him to change his reality and manage to travel to all the 196 countries in the world.

He was very far from being rich. In fact, Anderson started from zero driven by the certainty that he deserved better… Dias never wanted to be just a traveler, but rather to be THE ONE who traveled the fastest through all the countries of the world with only a brazilian passport.

He left home, worked like crazy and faced many dog days… The biggest challenge on the way? The shortage of money.

How can someone travel around the world if he/she doesn’t have the necessary money to do so?

And then the Big Idea came up: to MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET!

Anderson’s presence on the internet, mainly through @196sonhos on Instagram, helped him to monetize his Dream, to pay the travel costs and return home with a positive balance in the wallet.

The secret? The power of the internet!

Producing content on the internet has become more than a job, but an investment. Anderson learned the strategies that helped him to make money during his first trip and that made him a millionaire.

And those who think he became a travel blogger are mistaken. His main goal was to produce content that would bring value to people’s lives – focused on the education market.

Dias started selling courses that would help people to be more free, based on everything he learned along the way through good and bad experiences. He teaches communication techniques, networking, growth mindset and, of course, gives tips for traveling.

This success formula continues to be applied, even after the 196 destinations, which makes Anderson the freest millionaire entrepreneur in Brazil.



Brazilian by birth, Anderson Dias is a Citizen of the World.

The 28-year-old left behind his harsh reality in the state of Pernambuco, in the northeast of Brazil. After many tribulations, working from street vendor to food delivery boy, Dias decided to follow his dream – literally.

At the age of 24 Anderson Dias set himself the avid goal of traveling around the planet in the shortest time possible and making a profession out of the project.

His idea was never to be just a record-breaking traveler, but to make a business out of it. Along the way, using the internet to monetize his Dream, Anderson became a digital nomad, and above all: a FREE entrepreneur!

Dias’ lifestyle enables him to work where, when and how he wants… and all of this is condensed in @196sonhos on Instagram.

He carries in his backpack not only incredible places he has visited, but also a lot of experiences and exchanges with people because, as the maxim he adopts, “it’s not about places, it’s about people”.

Currently Anderson has 9 companies in his portfolio, all of them being managed from anywhere in the world while he travels through a few more countries to complete his second world tour.