Mauritania: Everything You Need To Know About This Saharan Wonder

Join Baba Ahmed El Bekay as he moderates a session on Tourism in Mauritania.  Discover Mauritania’s cultural richness and why it’s becoming the destination for adventurers.  Learn everything you need to know about the Iron Ore Train to visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  Will touch on everything from visas, currencies, SIM cards, etc.


When I was 21, I decided to launch T’Ore Mauritania, a tour operator. Traveling to nearby countries showed me beautiful landmarks in Mauritania that weren’t well known, unlike other countries that actively promote their culture. This inspired me to start the company, to share our culture and traditions with everyone. I want to give travelers a real taste of our culture and show them the amazing things Mauritania has to offer. It’s simply my way of sharing the beauty of my country with the world.