Author Panel

Gunnar Garfors, a published author himself, will be hosting this panel of travel authors (Boris Kester, Odette Ricasa, Donalito Bales, Jr).  I think many of us in the travel community at one time or another have either been asked or pondered the question, should I write a book about my travel tales.  The panel will be sharing the trials and tribulations of writing their books.  They will overview the actual mechanics of writing a book, publishing, the costs, and the myriads of other things they learned during the process.  And the authors will highlight some of their favorite stories from their books.

author panel


A traveler since his early infancy, Boris has embarked on countless adventures around the world. He has developed a habit of picking the least obvious paths and loves the challenges that come with it. He believes that following his heart brings him the best travel experiences and encounters. He inspires travelers through his travel stories and pictures on www.traveladventures.org. Boris published The Long Road To Cullaville in 2021. In his book, he recounts some of his most memorable adventures on the way to reaching 193. They cover falling in love in Yemen, dealing with corruption in Gabon, travelling to “dangerous countries” like Afghanistan and Somalia, and a refreshing look on the risks involved in travel. He is currently working on his second book which will be about love and travel.

The long road to Cullaville

boris kester counting countries