Sudan – History And Culture Versus Media And Public Perceptions

Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt, lots of temples, the Nile Valley and amazing friendly and welcoming population, but Sudan is one of the least visited country in the world. Sudan is often on the news and not for its history but for the politics, coups, and local clashes. Sudan, before 2011 when South Sudan gained independence, was the largest country in Africa, now still is the third largest.

Majority of the public still get confused between the two countries.  Such a large country as Sudan, with very little or no infrastructures and roads, has such a variety of elements to make a trip to the Land of the Black Pharaohs, quite unique.  I have been going to Sudan since almost 20 years, join my talk to understand what there is in Sudan to see and do, where to go, and what to expect.

carla piazza


Born in Italy and educated in London, Carla spent 10 years leading tours in the deserts of Australia and Oman. She began traveling and working in Sudan in 2003 and has never looked back: “My passion for deserts developed in Australia, but I found the true meaning of my passion in the Sudanese desert,” she says.  She is the Director of I.T.C Sudan, which specializes in bringing travelers to Sudan.