Balancing Work & Life As A Digital Nomad While Chasing 193

Balancing working full time and traveling full time presents some unique challenges, but it offers incredible accessibility to different areas of the work and the option to get a little more beyond the surface by living and working in one place for longer than a typical trip. Caroline will discuss how she goes about planning her travels as a full-time digital nomad and discuss some of the unique challenges presented by this lifestyle as well as some of the luxuries this lifestyle has afforded her.

caroline lupini


Caroline has been traveling more or less full-time while working toward traveling to every country since 2014. As of October 2022, she has visited 102 UN recognized countries. Caroline travels at varying paces while balancing a full-time job working for Forbes Advisor as a managing editor for the credit cards and travel rewards verticals. She looks for variety in her travels: some adventure & some culture, trying every weird food imaginable, flying first class then taking a taxi to a hostel. Caroline is also a private pilot and enjoys getting a view of other countries from the air whenever possible.