Relationships On The Road: Tips & Advice

Many of us in the travel community spend an inordinate amount of time on the road.  In this Networking Session, moderators Chris Sutherland and Zoe will guide this informal conversation on relationships; from one night encounters to long term, how to meet people when traveling (organically or Apps), keeping safe, and how to navigate complex intercultural power dynamics.


Born in London but shipped straight back to New Zealand where he remained firm until his first trip at 18 that has never really ended . Having lived and worked in a multitude of cities including Vancouver, Tel Aviv, New York, Tokyo, Sydney, Oslo, London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardif, Taipei, and Christchurch. He now calls Norway home for 3 months a year and Australia for a couple months.

He is usually employed as a chef but has also taught English. Since he completed his travels to every country in the world in 2020, he now has been revisiting his favorites from South East Asia to South America.