Hacking Papua New Guinea: What You Need To Know To Travel In PNG

PNG is a difficult country to travel independently with limited infrastructure and lack of tourism.  I have been traveling to PNG for over 5 years on 10 plus trips spending over 12 months cumulatively in the country.

I will share with you what you need to know about visas, currencies, ATMs, credit cards, and SIM cards.  I will overview with you transportation from domestic flights, international flights, and PMVs.  I will advise you on when best to visit in regard to the seasons and events.  And I will share with you the highlights of the country.

Tribes of Papua New Guinea

Tribes of Papua New Guinea


David Van Driessche, also known as David Dennis, is a seasoned professional photographer specializing in travel. Hailing from Belgium, he initially studied photography and film in Europe before embarking on a dynamic career in the tourism industry during the 1990s. His global travels during this period involved capturing exquisite imagery of some of the world’s finest hotels and resorts.

With a passion for both travel and photography, David has seamlessly integrated his skills to offer photography services and tours across Asia. Based in Bangkok, he has spent the last two decades exploring diverse regions, undertaking assignments in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Indonesia, and China. Alongside his photography ventures, David also engages in web design and provides expert consultation services to the tourism industry.

One notable aspect of his extensive portfolio includes his work in Papua New Guinea, where he spent almost a year documenting the captivating landscapes and people. His remarkable photographs from this journey have been featured in prestigious publications such as TRAVEL + LEISURE magazine, GEO, and National Geographic Traveler. Additionally, his contributions extend to Air Niugini Inflight magazine, showcasing the unique beauty of Papua New Guinea.

David’s photography tours cater to both beginners and advanced enthusiasts, guiding them to stunning locations and viewpoints for capturing exceptional images. Notably, he has expanded his tours to more remote destinations, such as Myanmar’s Chin state and the Mergui archipelago.

His work has gained recognition in various online channels and mediums, including TTR Weekly eMag, Myanmore Magazine, Phuket Gazette,, Expression Magazine, Gisborne Herald New Zealand, HLN Belgium, Primo Magazine, Fah Thai Bangkok Airways Inflight Magazine, and Thaiger. With an impressive portfolio and diverse range of experiences, David Van Driessche continues to make a significant impact in the world of travel photography.

Inviting you to a world of adventure and discovery, we are thrilled to present you with an extraordinary travel opportunity in Papua New Guinea with Tribes of Papua New Guinea. Departing from the conventional tourist experience, renowned Belgian photographer David Van Driessche has spearheaded a photography tour focused on cultural immersion and tribal homestays. By forging close relationships with tribal members, he has successfully established eco-lodges in their villages, offering an unparalleled experience for photographers and adventurers alike.