Author Panel

Gunnar Garfors, a published author himself, will be hosting this panel of travel authors (Boris Kester, Odette Ricasa, Donalito Bales, Jr).  I think many of us in the travel community at one time or another have either been asked or pondered the question, should I write a book about my travel tales.  The panel will be sharing the trials and tribulations of writing their books.  They will overview the actual mechanics of writing a book, publishing, the costs, and the myriads of other things they learned during the process.  And the authors will highlight some of their favorite stories from their books.

author panel


Donalito Bales, Jr. is a leader, project manager, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and world traveler born in the Philippines and based in Melbourne, Australia.

He is the founder of Explore Next Level, a social enterprise that provides travel and lifestyle-related products and services inspiring purposeful travel.

Donalito is also the co-founder of the Philippine Global Explorers, a not-for-profit global community of Filipino world travelers.

Having traveled 157 countries & territories in 7 continents around the world, he authored the book “Galà: Adventures of the Most Well Traveled Filipinos” released in 2021.