The World’s Least-Visited Countries 

Gunnar Garfors discovered that quite a few countries were not providing information on visitor numbers to the World Tourism Organization and decided to go searching for the missing data. The journey took him to around 30 countries beyond the beaten track where he interviewed a range of exciting people plus organizations, businesses and governmental agencies. It all culminated in the book “Elsewhere“. Tourist figures have obviously changed due to the pandemic and closed borders, but the globetrotting author presents a snapshot of previous normality. The research also helped towards his quest on visiting every country twice.
gunnar garforsBIO

Gunnar Garfors is a journalist, public speaker and bestselling author who has visited every country twice. The 47 year old grew up as the oldest of seven siblings in the tiny village of Naustdal on the Norwegian West Coast. Currently he lives in Oslo or out of his backpack. Many of his journeys may seem a bit chaotic as they are driven by curiosity and impulsivity, but that often makes him stumble cross inspiring people with incredible stories to tell. Garfors’ books are characterized by heaps of empathy, bucketloads of self-irony and lesser known facts, all carefully woven together. Readers report the occasional chuckle or a search for the handkerchief. In times distinguished by conflict, war and climate change Gunnar Garfors encourages audiences to visit new parts of the world in order to reach a deeper understanding of other nations, cultures, backgrounds and beliefs.

His books: Elsewhere & 198 How I Ran Out Of Countries (affiliate links) Gunnar Garfors