“Greetings from Slowjamastan!” Creating the World’s 194th Country

So what do you do when you finish visiting all 193 countries on earth? If you’re Randy Williams, you literally establish the 194th.

On December 1st 2021, live-streaming from an enormous, mahogany presidential desk plunked down in the middle of the barren desert, Randy claimed his nation’s independence as tumbleweeds blew past him.

The United Territories of The Sovereign Nation of The People’s Republic of Slowjamastan is an 11-acre “sovereign nation” situated in between Palm Springs, California to the north and the Mexican border to the south. Since claiming independence, the country has recruited more than 17,000 citizens: That’s more people than the population of two UN-recognized nations, Nauru and Tuvalu. Slowjamastan has been covered by over 1,200 press outlets worldwide, including CNN, The Guardian and The New York Post.

Slowjamastan has its own currency, passports, language and national anthem (it’s a toe-tapper!). And of course there’s the country’s dictator: That’s where Randy pulls a Clark Kent and slips into his green general’s uniform with all the regalia – a costume with so many medals and stripes, it would make Muamar Gaddafi jealous.

Guests of the Extraordinary Travel will hear from Randy…er, The Sultan…in person and first-hand. From his inspiration to create his country to then physically making it happen, he’ll lay-out the history of the world’s newest country. He’ll discuss the financial and legal implications of running your own nation and how he dealt with the pressure of his project going viral after CNN reported on Slowjamastan. Finally, the nationally syndicated radio personality turned world leader will take questions from the audience and surely discuss the hot topic of whether a nation like his should be considered a “real country.”

Arrive early to guarantee a seat. Strict security protocols will be in place.


Randy is actually three people…

As “The Sultan,” His Excellency is the supreme leader of the world’s newest country, The Republic of Slowjamastan. The 11-acre micronation located in the middle of a Southern California desert was created in 2021 and, today, boasts over 14,000 registered citizens. Slowjamastan has its own currency, national anthem and a set of laws created by The Sultan, including a strict prohibition of Crocs.

But late at night, turn on the radio in one of over 200 cities and you’ll hear the smooth talking, love-songs playing, dedications reading DJ “R Dub!,” who hosts the Sunday Night Slow Jams radio program – a show he’s hosted since the tender age of 16. R Dub! is also the Director of Programming and Afternoon Drive talent on two of San Diego’s top-rated radio stations. He’s written two best-selling books about radio, produced and directed an award winning feature film and appeared on ABC TV’s Shark Tank in 2013.

And finally, there’s “Ramblin’ Randy,” the traveler – the guy who, just very recently, completed all 193 UN nations. With a quest for adventure and an infinity for being inside countries his American friends have never heard of, Randy’s endless curiosity and love of meeting new friends keep him and his travel blog going, going, going.

But you never know who you’re going to meet at any given time: The Sultan, R Dub!, or Randy. And on very rare occasions, two or more of the above characters have been known to be seen together – whether in Slowjamastan, on the radio, or traveling through distant lands.

Learn more about the Sultan and listen to this podcast.

Sultan of Slowjamistan

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