Discover The Wildest Festivals In South East Asia

Join Ian as he takes you on an exhilarating journey through the wildest festivals of South East Asia. Immerse yourself in the unusual, ancient traditions of Thai Phussam in Malaysia, the shocking Vegetarian Festival in Thailand, the exuberant water fights of Songkran across various SE Asian countries, and more. This presentation is your gateway to discovering the rich cultural tapestry and electrifying celebrations that define the festive spirit of South East Asia. Don’t miss this chance to explore the unseen, celebrate the extraordinary, and get inspired for your next adventure.


Ian took his first solo trip in 1997, hitchhiking across Canada. By 2000, he was boarding a plane for his first “Round The World” ticket. Ian studied Tourism & Travel at University and has dedicated his life to exploring the world and helping others do the same. A full-time expat since 2011, and a digital nomad since before that was a term. Travel and life have melded together, and there is no real differentiation between them for him anymore.

Ian is the founder of a travel experience company called Where Sidewalks End, which helps connect guests with ancient customs and ancestral traditions from different corners around the world. A slow traveler by nature, he might not hit 193, but will be travelling til the end.