Travelling Independently In Afghanistan Under The Taliban: Lessons & Tips

A year ago we all watched scenes from Afghanistan as the Taliban took control of the country. Unimaginable at the time, a year later, tourism and travelers are slowly returning to Afghanistan. Jacqui spent two weeks travelling independently throughout Afghanistan in June. She will share stories of her time in Afghanistan as well as insight on being an independent and female traveler under the Taliban. Jacqui has been to almost 100 countries and travels independently, often solo, and by land. She particularly likes to travel in the Muslim world and throughout the greater Middle East.

Jacquelyn Kunz


Jacqui is an American traveler that has been working and living in Sudan since 2015. She works in education development, specializing in syllabus design and teacher training. Her work has taken her to remote areas of the country in Darfur and the Kordofan region sparking an interest in off the beaten path travel. During her time in Sudan, she experienced living in the centre of the Sudanese Revolution and protests which have helped her gain resilience while travelling. As a traveler, she enjoys visiting unrecognized states and crossing land borders. Jacqui’s recent trip to Afghanistan has inspired her to pivot in her education work in Sudan to work towards expanding education access to women and girls in the country.