Jian was made in China and assembled in IKEA (Sweden) before getting upgraded in Silicon Valley (San Francisco). Nowadays he’s recovering tech worker, semi-deprecated in South East Asia (SEA) with Singapore as a base to explore FIRE activities (Financial Independence, Rethink Employment). Growing up across 2 continents with zero cultural overlap piqued his innate curiosity to explore and learn more about the world.

Jian has since his early days of being a backpacking noob (committing most of the mistakes in the book and then some, getting scammed in Cuba, robbed in Rio, suffering from fever on Everest Basecamp etc.), graduated to adventure-cycling across 3 continents in his 20s and completing all 195 UN countries in the aftermath of the pandemic in his mid-30s.

He has particularly fond recollections of nearly 500 days spent across 22 separate trips to Africa, including a 7-month journey overland from east to south Africa, immersed in mountains, deserts and savannahs. During visits to some of the poorest countries in the world in West & Central Africa, Jian still experienced incredible travel highlights and he hopes more people will visit these countries properly to do them justice.