Chasing 193 With Children

Of those few who have reached 193, only 10% are women. And of those women only one other woman had completed the goal with children.

As a single working mother of 3, Mette is traveling extensively with all of her children and she is now just 4 countries short of 193.

Follow Mette and her three children, now 14, 19 and 21 years old on their adventures.

Mette will share advice on how to get inspired to travel with children of all ages from 0 to young adult and what special situations and experiences you will encounter.

Mette Ehlers Mikkelsen


Mette is 3rd generation of a family of 4 generations of female travelers.

She became a Danish diplomat at 24 years old and holds a royal medal from Sweden. 18 years later in 2014 she left for the larger freedom of the private sector. Today she advises smaller companies on internationalization and digitalization as a board member. This is what she would like to do more off.

To finance traveling with 3 older children, she holds several jobs and is also a censor at university in leadership and international economy, and a fulltime IT project manager.

Mette has traveled from her first years with her grandmothers and parents. She took 2 trips around the world with her children, and they have now visited 110+ and approx. 85 countries each and have been at school for 4 years abroad as well. Her jobs brought her studying and working abroad on diplomatic postings for 8 years, and she was more than 40 years old, when she decided to pursue 193. This was while celebrating country 100 with rum and a cigar next to the statue of Christopher Columbus in the Dominican Republic.

Mette Ehlers Mikkelsen