What Is A Visit – 1000 Travelers, 1000 Opinions? 

This past summer, NomadMania conducted a research poll on what travelers consider to be a legitimate visit to a place. We gathered an incredible amount of data and now I will try to share it with you. In the travel world, there is an ongoing debate around this topic and one could say that there are as many opinions as there are travelers. But is it really like that? Based on the data gathered, you will find out – who is more prone to tick a country off based on a minimal airport touchdown or a car transit and who is more adept at requiring considerable insight before considering a place visited. We will divide our data by age, origin and by the travelling experience of our almost 1000 participants to bring you some peace of mind. Or not.

Milana Bojinović


Milana is the general manager at NomadMania – one of the few online travel communities and clubs with global membership.

She dares not admit that she’s a traveler with only 24 countries down her belt, but despite that she has certainly learned a lot about travelers and is always captivated by discovering amazing travel stories. She comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina but now she lives in Poland. Besides travelling, she also enjoys reading, sometimes poetry writing, scuba diving and hiking.