An Extensive Analysis on People Who Has Traveled To Every Country In The World (UN Masters)

There are over 3000 billionaires in the world. Approximately 600 people made it to the outer space. Only around 465 visited every single country.  We at NomadMania conducted the ultimate study on these extraordinary personalities. Nothing similar to this have been done before.
This presentation takes you through the in-dept analysis on the People Who Has Traveled To Every Country In The World.


  • The concept of ‘Visiting Every Country’
  • History of Visiting Every Country
  • People Who Visited Every Country by Nationality
  • Gender, Ethnicity and Age of UN Masters
  • General Profile of UN Masters
  • The Last UN Country to visit
  • How Many People Visited Every Country
  • Conclusions and Expectations


Orest Zub is a Ukrainian digital nomad and an online entrepreneur who visited over 130 countries.
A graduated lawyer, Orest started a Human Rights career aiming to participate in humanitarian missions all over the world.  Eventually he figured out another way to see the world and contribute to the global good.
Since 2011 Orest founded a few successful online ventures, traveled the world for 5-6 months a year while having a base in his home town of Lviv in Western Ukraine.
When Russian invaded Ukraine at a full scale in early 2022 Orest joined the national resistance movement mainly by reporting from the frontline areas, assisting humanitarian organizations and cooperating with media on a global scale.
In early 2023 Orest joined NomadMania as a managing partner and currently focuses on developing this platform.
Orest Zub counting countries