Asante Sana: 800 Days Walking Across Africa

Join us for an extraordinary and inspiring conference featuring Pablo Nemo, a remarkable individual who has spent 800 days and approximately 15,000 km walking across Africa. In this compelling presentation, Pablo will share his incredible journey, providing deep insights into the power of walking as a form of meditation, the importance of being present in the moment, and the transformative impact of connecting with nature.

Delving into the challenges and triumphs of his expedition, Pablo will discuss the significance of human endeavor, the art of problem-solving, staying true to one’s vision and the valuable lessons learned from facing and overcoming fear. With a focus on resilience and determination, he will encourage attendees to embrace their dreams as an essential part for the path to success and explore the beauty of this pilgrimage in harmony with the nature and the cradle of humanity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain unique perspectives on personal growth, mindfulness, and the indomitable spirit of the human experience.



Pablo Gonzalez, mostly known as Pablo Nemo is a Spaniard walking in Africa, crossing 10+ countries of this continent, following the legendary route from Cape Town, in South Africa to Cairo, in Egypt. Solo traveling, uninterrupted and without assistance.

Pablo has been a professional dancer for 14 years, and for a long time he felt disconnected from western society. In November 2021, he decided to leave everything behind to travel in Africa and reconnect with “The Cradle of Humanity”.

During his journey he has been recognized as the Tourism Ambassador of Zanzibar for his support to eco-tourism and sustainability.

His purpose is to send a message of awareness about the conservation of nature, connect with the roots of humanity and inspire the world to show that there is no “impossible” and with faith, purpose and…sandals you can achieve anything!