In 2016, Danish Palle Bo sold his home plus his possessions and decided to live his life as a full-time traveler. In the beginning, it wasn’t the plan to chase all 193; but only four countries into his journey, he made 193 the goal.

As a radio and podcast producer, he is able to work anywhere; he with his multi-award-winning production company, RadioGuru, he enjoys working for clients like The LEGO Group, TBEX, and others.He is passionate about documenting his own journey in “The Radio Vagabond” ( For this, he brings his microphone everywhere and does a lot of field recordings speaking to locals with the sound of the destination in the background.

He has been to every country in Europe; 48 of 50 US States; and if all goes to plan, his country count should be 113 at the time of ETF.

palle bo