Video Creation: Tips & Tricks

Barbs (video creator at Geography Now!) and Gus Rosted (video maker at Gus1TheGo) team up together in this Networking Session to share all of their advice on creating videos.  Barbs and Gus are professional content creators with a combined 4 million followers will provide tips and tricks on what it takes to make great and compelling videos, starting your own channel, marketing, finding followers, and so much more.


Paul Barbato better known as Barbs to his friends and followers is the founder and creator of Geography Now!  Geography Now! is the incredibly successful YouTube channel with 3 million subscribers and nearly 400 million views, which was founded in 2014.

Barbs has created profiles for over 170 countries as he nears the finish line of creating content for every country in the world.  Barbs believed there was a lack of geography education online and decided he was the person to address this gap.

Barbs is also a passionate traveler himself having traveled to over 70 countries.  His goal is to travel to every country in the world, but that quest has been put on hold while he completes his goal of creating content for every country.  When describing his travel style, he has stated that he is more fascinated with border anomalies and disputed territory zones than traditional tourist spots.

Barbs is originally from Minnesota, but he can now be found living in LA.  He is of South Korean heritage and speaks both passable Korean and French.

Learn more about Barbs and listen to this podcast.

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