Cycling Armenia

Some say every inch of this earth has been covered and all the great foolhardy expeditions have already been done. Those people have never cycled around the little-known country of Armenia. Raffi while growing up in the US and the UK traces his heritage to Armenia.  This is the story of a 1,000-kilometer cycling journey looking for adventure, searching for identity and connecting to his roots, and quite possibly getting married off along the way.  Learn about his trials and tribulations as he embarked on this epic journey.

raffi youredjian


Raffi Youredjian is an adventurer, writer, and photographer who has traveled to every continent. He worked for Discovery Channel based in London where he is a member of the Royal Geographical Society. He studied at Falmouth University of Arts in Cornwall that have been leaders in producing a new generation in the media field. Throughout his travels he has had a keen eye at documenting the beauty of nature and capturing people.

As well as a photographer he is also a keen cyclist and author, with his travel book, Tour de Armenia, documenting his comical cycling adventures around the country. He has relocated to Armenia in 2018 and now resides in Yerevan. There are rumors of murmurs around the city about his fantastic ability to drink glaces in cafes around Yerevan and he also dances the cha cha.