The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: A Bangladeshi Doctor’s Experience Of Travelling Around The World

Raiiq will take listeners on a journey exploring the experience of travelling on one of the world’s worst passports. There will be outright horrific experiences, some not so fun ones, some very comic ones and some stories which are heartwarming. Through it all, he will speak about how he gets anxiety and palpitations at passport control, yet he still persists in his quest to visit every country in the world.  How the beauty of this world helps him overcome the challenging times.


Raiiq Ridwan

Raiiq Ridwan is an Emergency Room Doctor from Bangladesh working in the UK. Born in Bangladesh to parents who are doctors, he was bitten by the travel bug very early in life. He credits his late father with inspiring him to travel as the first ten countries he travelled to all happened with his family. After moving to the UK to study, he decided to see the world on his own in his mid-20s when a tumultuous time at university left his mental health at rock bottom. That first trip to Europe in 2016 at the height of the refugee crisis shaped his travel ideals. Faced with harassment and discrimination at borders, he chose to rise over it and has travelled to over 120 with the 9th worst passport on Earth.

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raiiq ridwan counting countries