Against All Odds: Travelling the World With A Wheelchair

In this presentation, Renee will talk about how her permanent disability sparked a desire to travel.  She will share stories of traveling with a wheelchair, the difficult challenges that she’s faced traveling the world alone, and how those experiences helped her to see the world from a different lens.  Her stories of empowerment and beauty that she’s experienced, from strangers around the globe, will light up your soul to go to unknown places that might not seem possible for even the most able-bodied person.


Renee is a former executive who left her role at a Fortune 500 on a mission to see the world and reshape her views of humanity. After a life of living with an undiagnosed physical disability that has caused her to use a wheelchair full-time, she set out to find her place in this world.  She spent nearly an entire year globetrotting alone, just her and her wheelchair.

Through her travels to 118 countries, all 7 continents, and all 50 states, she become a Guinness World Record Holder.  Renee credits her travels and the people along the way who helped her – especially when the world was not accessible – that lead her down a path that allowed her to live authentically and come to terms with the person she is.

NomadMania Travel Awards – “Against All Odds” Traveler 2022

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