Growing Up & Overcoming Challenges In Jamaica To Achieve Chasing 195

Romaine left his home, Jamaica, in 2007, to migrate to a place where he could live out his dream. Coming from Jamaica, which is considered a poor country, and with limited resources, traveling the world was a far-away dream. As a child, Romaine loved watching National Geographic shows, where he would dream himself away to far-away places and never in a million year, did he imagine, that he would one day be accomplishing the goal of having visited all the countries in the world nor becoming the first Jamaican and Caribbean to have accomplish this! Join Romaine, as he shares his story on how a young boy from Jamaica whose first flight and visit to a foreign country in 2007 would lead him to having visited all 195 countries in 2022.

Romaine Welds


Romaine Welds is a Jamaican born and raised guy, who migrated to the US in 2007. This was in fact his first time flying and traveling to a foreign country. Currently, Romaine lives in San Francisco and works full-time with an American airline, which has enabled him to travel the world. It has not always been easy, as Romaine usually works 16hrs shifts while at home, in order to be able to travel every month or bi-monthly. He loves learning about new cultures and is very interested in tribes and local festivals. Just recently, Romaine reached his goal of visiting all 195 UN recognized countries, when he visited Antigua & Barbuda! And now what? No, traveling does not end yet. Romaine’s next mission is to tick off his bucket list items such as skydiving, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro etc. and now he will do more tribes and festivals, as this is something he really enjoys. Romaine mostly travels solo but along his many travels he has met a lot of wonderful travelers who have become his friends, and sometimes their paths cross around the world.