My Most Important Trip Ever – The Safari Of My Life

It is often said that travelers fall into two categories: those that lack time or those who lack money. Slawek will share what he accomplished to secure both time and money for a lifetime of care-free travelling.

Slawek has been traveling independently since he was a student as he took to the rails in Europe.  He first overland trip took place in 1989 as he traveled from Poland to Kenya in a LandRover.  Slawek is half Polish – half Kenyan so this is a trip that connected his two homelands.  In 2009, he had completed the quest of traveling to every country in the world.  And since then, he visited every country once more, making him to be (of what is believed) one of three people who have completed this accomplishment.

Slawek travels on a shoestring budget, inspired by those who he met on the road when roadtripping to Kenya as well as the Lonely Planet Africa On A Shoestring.  He likes to travel like a local and only carries a small backpack.  Slawek is a polyglot who loves learning new languages on the go and also attending events like the World Cup or the Olympics.

Slawek has been traveling for years on average 10-11 months.  How does he do that?  Slawek retired at the age of 43, over 13 years ago.

And how did he retire and gain his financial independence?  He will share his financial strategy with you.  Implementing his strategy requires a clear vision and determination but also learning a few life skills.  He has successfully executed this strategy and so have others, so it can be duplicated.

slawek muturi


Half-Polish half-Kenyan traveler who visited all 195 UN states at least twice.  Slawek’s mission is to help others achieve financial freedom. He does so by sharing his personal experience and by helping people invest in residential rental properties for passive income. He also set up Fridomia Foundation whose objective is to provide housing to young adults leaving foster care.

Slawek Muturi