Points To Everywhere: Earning and Redeeming Points & Frequent Flyer Miles For Extraordinary Travel

Stefan used points & frequent flyer miles to achieve travel goals decades ahead of what he thought possible and affordable at the start of his travels. The distinct aspirations of systematic travelers can better come into reach with points. Savvy points use can save money, shorten transit time, and increase flexibility. One example, over several years, Stefan used flexible Delta SkyMiles awards on Virgin Australia flights to book the various permutations of the Christmas Island red crab migration during the busy holiday travel season.

The session will introduce key points concepts such as selecting programs in which to collect points, access lucrative US credit card and travel programs, redeeming points through program travel partners and for unconventional destinations, grappling with the frequent changes to programs, and more. The session will give you taste of what is possible to start or extended your points travel strategy.

The airport lounges, premium airline cabins, and luxury hotels are nice, too.


Stefan Krasowski has traveled to every country in the world and founded Every Passport Stamp, the leading Facebook group for country collectors. He blogs at Rapid Travel Chai. He is currently based in Seattle, USA.  Stefan is considered to be one of the preeminent experts in collecting points and frequent flyer miles.

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Stefan Krasowski