Relationships On The Road: Tips & Advice

Many of us in the travel community spend an inordinate amount of time on the road.  In this Networking Session, moderators Chris Sutherland and Zoe will guide this informal conversation on relationships; from one night encounters to long term, how to meet people when traveling (organically or Apps), keeping safe, and how to navigate complex intercultural power dynamics.


Zoe was born in Ithaca, New York. Her grandparents were refugees. Her father was one of Timothy Leary’s gifted test subjects in the Harvard Psilocybin Project. In her early lifetime, her parents both built a center for Eastern philosophy and meditation, and achieved the American Dream by taking defense contracts related to computer security.

Zoe has a BA in Film/Video Studies from Pitzer College and an MFA in Cinema-TV Production from USC. She worked in Hollywood in post-production sound and then in a series of over fifteen jobs in fifteen different fields (about which she self-published a poorly-edited book titled “Down and Out in California”), then did a stint in holistic clinical nutrition before latching on to the earliest days of digital marketing as a viral marketer.

Zoe became a remote worker in 2005, and has been a digital nomad ever since. For seven continuous years she has been fearlessly and lazily pursuing the 193, primarily couchsurfing and fast travel to urban centers. In over 150 countries, there’s only been about 30 she actually enjoyed.

She loves men (but only a few), drugs (but not sugar and caffeine), and cities. She rejects the idea that gender impacts her experience, even when places like Afghanistan beat her over the head with it.